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Penguins in the Wild (Hardcover)

Penguins in the Wild By David Tipling Cover Image


Penguins in their natural habitat, photographed in glorious full color.

The extraordinary and adorable antics of penguins attract thousands of tourists every year to remote and icy locations. Penguins never fail to make people smile; wild penguins waddle up and inspect us as if we were just another kind of flightless creature walking on two legs. In this book, the vibrant world of penguins is shown in all its glory by David Tipling, who has trekked to beautiful and faraway locations to capture these birds in their natural habitats.

Tipling's gorgeous full-color images catch moments rarely witnessed by humans. He shows us an Adélie penguin speeding through water at 25 mph; a line of King penguins in a snow squall; doting Emperor penguin parents with their fluffy chick; a young penguin nuzzling a camera's telescopic lens; a Rockhopper penguin hopping from rock to rock; a large social gathering of Chinstrap penguins; the striking plumage and courtship display of a male Macaroni penguin; and much more. The book features 139 striking photographs of these unique birds taken in the wild. In the accompanying text, Tipling profiles all of the world's seventeen penguin species, and chapters cover every aspect of their lives and behavior, including migration, defending against predators, and life in extreme climates.

This stunning book is a celebration of penguins that is sure to captivate any bird lover, wildlife enthusiast, or photography buff.

About the Author

Renowned photographer David Tipling has worked as a freelance wildlife photographer since 1992, specializing in the birds of southern oceans. His work has been featured in countless magazines and newspapers, and he has been the author or photographer for more than forty books on birds and wildlife photography.

Product Details
ISBN: 9780262019606
ISBN-10: 0262019604
Publisher: The MIT Press
Publication Date: August 9th, 2013
Pages: 160
Language: English

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