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Citizenship: The Third Revolution (Hardcover)

Citizenship: The Third Revolution By David Jacobson, Manlio Cinalli Cover Image
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The emergence of citizenship, some 4,000 years ago, was a hinge moment in human history. Instead of the reign of blood descent, questions regarding who rules and who belongs were opened up. Yet purportedly primordial categories, such as sex and race, have constrained the emergence of a truly civic polity ever since. Untying this paradox is essential to overcoming the crisis afflicting contemporary democracies. Why does citizenship emerge, historically, and why does it maintain traction, even if in compromised forms? How can citizenship and democracy be revived? Learning from history and building on emerging social and political developments, David Jacobson and Manlio Cinalli provide the foundations for citizenship's third revolution.

Citizenship: The Third Revolution considers three revolutionary periods for citizenship, from the ancient and classical worlds; to the flourishing of guilds and city republics from 1,000 CE; and to the unfinished revolution of human rights from the post-World War II period. Through historical enquiry, this book reveals the underlying principles of citizenship-and its radical promise. Jacobson and Cinalli demonstrate how the effective functioning of citizenship depends on human connections that are relational and non-contractual, not transactional. They illustrate how rights, paradoxically, can undermine as well as reinforce civic society. Looking forward, the book documents the emerging foundations of a "21st century guild" as a basis for repairing our democracies. The outcome of this scholarship is an innovative re-conceptualization of core ideas to engender more authentic civic collectivities.

About the Author

David Jacobson is Professor of Sociology at the University of South Florida and Professor Emeritus of Global Studies and Sociology at Arizona State University. Jacobson is the author of Rights Across Borders: Immigration and the Decline of Citizenship, Of Virgins and Martyrs: Women and Sexuality in Global Conflict and Place and Belonging in America. Manlio Cinalli is Professor of Sociology at the University of Milan and Research Fellow at CEVIPOF, Sciences Po Paris. He is the author of Political Integration of Muslims in France and The European Refugee Crisis in the Media: Debating Solidarity Across Borders.

Product Details
ISBN: 9780197669150
ISBN-10: 0197669158
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
Publication Date: October 6th, 2023
Pages: 256
Language: English

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