Plainclothes Naked (Paperback)

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In a wildly careening plot that can only be described as crack noir, two pipeheads accidentally steal a photo of George W. Bush's presidential package and decide to blackmail the Republican Party. Before the crack-crazed thieves can follow through, however, gorgeous, whip-smart Nurse Tina, who's just offed her husband with a bowl of Drano-laced Lucky Charms, absconds with the goods. When Manny Rubert, a scarred ex-junkie turned codeine-popping detective, is called in to investigate the "foamer" hubby's untimely demise, love hits him like a wrench to the head.

Soon Manny and Tina are making plans of their own for the presidential pie -- and for their future together. But the meddling police chiefs and motel room sex-change surgeons of the world just won't leave them alone. And then there are those killer crackheads, still out there and closing in....

Praise For…

“Jerry Stahl is the American hipster bard.”

“Raw and devilishly raunchy.”

“Brutally compelling...”

“Jerry Stahl’s writing will flip you--flip you for real.”

“[A] pleasantly demented police procedural for the Tarantino set.”

“Plainclothes Naked is a page-turner.”

“Bare-ass hilarious....A wonderfully sick comic masterpiece of the hard-boiled genre.”

“...the new king of black humor....Plainclothes Naked [is] a hallucinogenic potboiler.”

“[Stahl’s] brilliantly demented riffs beg to be read—or screamed—aloud.”

“Gripping and powerful.”

“[Stahl] goes for the reader’s funny bone via the jugular and truly comical.”
Product Details
ISBN: 9780060933531
ISBN-10: 0060933534
Publisher: William Morrow
Publication Date: November 12th, 2002
Pages: 336
Language: English