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Authors In Schools

Is your organization or school hosting an author event?  Our Institutional Sales group can work with you to make sure the right books are there in sufficient quantity to make your program a success (and your author very happy). Your organization can also earn a 20% commission (based on the pre-tax subtotal) by handling the sales details.

Author visits are a wonderful opportunity for students to connect with talented, inspiring writers and artists.  Many of the authors and illustrators who appear at Quail Ridge Books & Music are also available for presentations at schools.  These programs are provided, free of charge, through the publisher.  Please contact us if you would like to be notified about authors who will be visiting the area, and we will gladly assist you with coordinating an event.

If you have already made arrangements to have an author or illustrator speak at your school, please feel free to contact us for assistance with book sales. 

We do have suggestions for making any author visit a successful and enjoyable event.

Before the Visit

Publicize the visit to students, staff, and parents.  Consider inviting a local newspaper to cover the event. 

Media specialists and teachers should read at least one of the author's books with the students.  Time spent in classrooms and libraries preparing to interact with an author will make for a richer, more meaningful visit for everyone. 

Arrange learning activities that relate to the reading.  Ask students to research details about the author's life.  Encourage them to access the author's website.  Create opportunities for them to reflect on the author's writing.   

Involve students in the planning and preparation. Decorate hallways and entryways with a welcome banner and original artwork that pertains to the author's books.  Build anticipation for the visit!

Ask students to prepare thoughtful questions for the author.  Avoid questions that can be answered by simply reading about the author's background.

Assign a contact person (such as a media specialist) who will be available to coordinate with the author and/or publicist regarding any program details and requirements (ex. a/v needs) and to serve as an escort. 

Make sure any necessary equipment is on hand and in working order (ex. podium, microphone, overhead projector, DVD player). 

Book Sales

Everyone loves an autograph!  Authors are interested in signing books as part of their visit, and successful book sales help to ensure the availability of future author events.  Signed books also make perfect holiday and birthday gifts for family and friends.

We offer a 20% discount on books provided for author events.  Most schools choose to pass this discount on to parents and students.  Any unsold books may be returned after the event; there is no obligation to sell all of the copies. 

We can also provide you with a pre-order form to be sent home with students in advance of the event.  In addition to the pre-orders, we will provide extra copies of the  book(s) so that students may purchase them during the event and in the days following the event.  Books can be picked up a few days prior to the author visit. 

Schools are responsible for handling the book purchases and collecting money from students.  For your convenience, we can directly bill the school or PTA for all of the books that are sold.  (Please let us know if the PTA is tax exempt!)

If you have already made arrangements to have an author or illustrator speak at your school, please feel free to contact us for assistance with book sales. 

During the Visit

Remind teachers not to grade papers or otherwise distance themselves during the author's visit.  The impact of the presentation on students may be lessened if faculty members appear disinterested.

Author programs typically last for 45 minutes, with additional time for signing books and meeting with students.  Most authors will sign books before or after the event (and sometimes both).  Please help ensure the program runs on schedule; the author may be visiting other schools as well and be on a tight schedule. (We will let you know if this is the case beforehand).

Be sure to have the following on hand for the book signing:

  • sturdy table and chair
  • bottled water
  • fine-point black Sharpie marker
  • Post-Its

Authors usually sign the title page.  For books that are to be personalized, make sure names are printed clearly on individual Post-Its.  Attach each Post-It so that it extends from the edge of the title page (unless otherwise instructed).  If students just want the author signature, write Signature Only on the Post-It.

Don't forget photographs!  We will let you know if the author requests no flash photography during the program.

Present the author with a small hospitality gift.  You may want to consider a regional memento from North Carolina.

After the Visit

Send a thank-you note to the author, as well as any letters, pictures, articles, or photos to show the author how much your school enjoyed the visit. 

Discuss the visit with students.  Ask them to share thoughts about their experience.

Follow up your author visit with additional art projects and writing activities.  Read more books!

Include details about the visit in your school newsletter.

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