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About Us

North Hills
4209-100 Lassiter Mill Road, Raleigh, NC  27609 

Quail Ridge Books is an independent bookstore with a friendly, knowledgeable staff dedicated to providing the best in customer service. Founded in 1984 by Nancy Olson, the store provides a wide variety of carefully selected books, events, discussion groups and town hall meetings. Owner Lisa Poole bought the store in 2013 and is dedicated to keeping it local!

Our Readers’ Club, at a low cost of $20 per year per household, offers discounts and special sales. Our community outreach includes fundraising and arranging for children’s authors to visit schools. QRB’s School & Institutional Sales Department provides excellent service and competitive discounts.

We're in the North Hills Lassiter District.



To promote literacy, to encourage the lifelong enjoyment of reading which enriches one’s life in both mind and spirit.
To conduct our business in a way that nourishes readers, writers, our fellow staff members and our community.
To make a profit.



  • Publishers' Weekly Bookseller of the Year
  • The Pannell Award for Excellence in Children's Bookselling
  • The Haslam Award for Excellence in Bookselling


Our Freedom of Speech Policy

Quail Ridge believes in freedom of speech and thought. We don’t take sides or take a stand on political issues, even those we may feel strongly about individually. Instead, we believe in providing a haven for constructive discussion and the free exchange of ideas, including those that may be controversial or distasteful to us or some of our customers.

Our shelves hold an array of titles containing ideas as diverse as the world in which we live. We believe it is in the best interest of our community and our democratic society for ideas of all kinds to be available to interested individuals, regardless of what our own tastes may be. We respect our customers’ diverse tastes and beliefs and leave it to them to make their own judgments and decisions. Our events include authors of all beliefs and backgrounds, and speakers from around our community and the world.

We welcome curious minds and look forward to helping all customers find the information and answers they seek.

Why Shop at Quail Ridge Books and Other Independent Businesses?

  • To keep your money in your community: about three times as much than if you shop at a chain and infinitely more than at a web-only vendor. Money that stays in your community pays for schools, parks, roads, and essential services.
  • To help us continue to support many local charities and causes, including:
    • Our Angel Tree every December 
    • Read & Feed - we donate a nickel for each bag a customer declines, or if a customer brings a bag. It adds up.
    • Wake County SmartStart
    • Raleigh Fine Arts Society
  • To provide a gathering place for town meetings on topics such as social security and the roles of media and religion in democracy.
  • To support the community of book and music lovers. We have hundreds of events for authors and musicians every year, many for first-time writers.
  • To encourage variety. The combined offerings of independents offer you a wider selection of books and music than chain stores do. Independents are willing to risk attention and shelf space on new authors and musicians, nurturing our next crop of authors.
  • To not put all your media in one basket. Independents provide essential protection against corporate censorship, which may blacklist authors and musicians for their topics, language, or beliefs.

Thank you for supporting your local independent book store!


Remembering Nancy Olson

Nancy Olson, our founder and owner for our first 29 years, passed away on March 27, 2016.  So many attended her memorial service, which you can see on video here.  It was moving, musical, and very funny - just what Nancy would have liked.  The video password is Read.

The News & Observer posted a tribute to Nancy.  Click here to read their remembrances. 

Our 30th anniversary party also served as a tribute to Nancy.  Quite a happy time - we hope you can catch a part of the video and smile. 

Check out a few of Nancy's appearances on C-SPAN here

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