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November 2022: Staff favorite magazines!


From Inventory Manager, Todd: "As the world increasingly consumes its information in bite-sized deposits from the internet, I believe it's important not to forget the value of long-form journalism. In that spirit, let's celebrate the fading cousin of books with some of my (and my fellow booksellers’) favorite magazines!"


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BUST: I like my lifestyle with a feminist twist. BUST Magazine is my go-to for all sorts of pop culture from books to music, current events, interviews, and essays on topics that affect me as a woman. -- Amber

Edge: The last great video game magazine. Their tagline may be "The Future of Interactive Entertainment," but I've been reading Edge since the 90s, which makes it a nostalgic blast from the past as well! -- Todd

Heavy Metal: The magazine of classic (although not always classy) science fiction and speculation. It is perfectly suited to readers of graphic novels. -- Bill 

Hi-Fructose: A beautiful magazine of lowbrow art. Past contributors include such legendary illustrators as James Jean, Tara McPherson, and Paul Pope! -- Todd

How It Works: Dang near impossible for me to put down each month's issue, How It Works demonstrates, explains and reveals in clear cut language and entertaining explanations how and why many things I take for granted came to be. Inviting for anyone 10 years and up, I offer no apologies for immersing my grown-up self into the latest issue to make jaw-dropping discoveries about my world. -- Belinda

Nautilus: Not just a great science magazine, but a magazine with great writing period (Cormac McCarthy penned his first nonfiction piece for them in 2017)! In addition to more traditional science pieces, Nautilus also covers the intersection between science and other fields such as art and language. -- Todd

The Sun: As long as I can remember, The Sun Magazine, published monthly right down the road in Chapel Hill, has compiled the finest interviews, essays, poetry, photography, and stories (and more). I'm grateful for the perseverance of editor Sy Safransky and his talented editors and contributors. -- Mamie

True West: All about the history of the American West! Covers significant historical sights, characters, and events. Also covers movies and tv shows that deal with the time period. True West (as the title suggests) contributors strive for accuracy and are very open and candid when they've overlooked something or made errors! -- Todd

Wanderlust: If you think travel magazines should be filled with giant glossy gorgeous photographs of places around the world, you can't go wrong with Wanderlust Magazine. Stunning photos, thoughtful articles, and timely advice fill the pages. -- Amber  

Wire: It's a great update on all music not covered anywhere else and contains page after page of reviews of the weirdest, coolest, farthest-reaching music so you can do your own research. Invaluable and always a fun read. -- Matt

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