SUSIE WILDE & PAM PEASE - Wilde Awards Live! & More

11/29/2012 7:00 pm
Susie Wilde, popular N&O columnist on children's books, presents her Wilde Awards Live!  Find out her picks for the best in children's and teen books for the year.  Author and designer Pam Pease also joins us with her wonderful interactive books for children ages 10+, including Architecture for Kids.  This is part of our View From Tuesday sessions, open to all but of special interest to teachers and media specialists. 
Designer Dossier: Architecture for Kids - by Pam Pease
Model: 9780977790531
Design Dossier: Architecture is the third book in a new series that introduces kids ages 10+ to creative professions. This book reveals how architects work: what types of structures they create—from skyscrapers and bridges to houses and schools.

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