Witchbreaker (Kobo eBook)

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Long ago, Lord Stark Tower the famed Witchbreaker nearly wiped out the witches. Today, only a handful of women still practice the weaving craft in secret. The witch Sorrow, Infidels fellow adventurer, has vowed to right this wrong, crushing the Church of the Book and launching a new golden age of witchcraft. In pursuit of her goal, she has bonded her soul with Rott, the primal dragon of decay, giving her near-limitless powers of destruction.
Unfortunately, this power has cost Sorrow her humanity, leading her to a desperate quest to find the greatest witch of all time, Avaris rumoured to still be alive after hundreds of years in hopes of mastering her dark magic before it destroys her. But shes not alone in hunting Avaris, as fate throws her into an uneasy partnership with a man who wants to be the new Witchbreaker. Can either of them survive their mutual quests when their journey leads them into battle with Tempest, the primal dragon of storms?
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ISBN-13: 9781849974646
Publisher: Solaris
Publication Date: December 18th, 2012
Language: English