Chump Change (Paperback)

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A blackout brought on by a Mad Dog binge that ended with a self-inflicted steak knife wound bought Bruno Dante another stint in the nuthouse, no different from all the rest. Now it's done, and his wife, Agnes—taking time off from her personal-trainer lover—has come to pick Bruno up and to deliver a message from the West Coast: his screenwriter father is in the hospital in a coma and is not expected to live. So Bruno heads back to Los Angeles for a fraught family reunion, where the tension and stress force him to dull the pain the only way he knows how—with alcohol. And when he wakes up naked in a stolen car with an underage hooker whose pimp has stolen his wallet, Bruno realizes the trip has just begun.

About the Author

Dan Fante was raised in L.A. At twenty he hitchhiked to New York where he survived for over a decade on cheap whiskey, wrote thousands of unpublished poems, and failed at three suicide attempts. After getting sober, Fante returned to Los Angeles where he published his first novel in 1996. Today he lives in Venice, California with his tall wife Ayrin Leigh and a 2-year-old, blue-eyed son named Michelangelo Giovanni Fante.

Praise For…

“Don’t miss Chump Change. It is passionate, obscene, and quite wonderful.”
-Los Angeles Times

“Not a word comes out that one would correct . . . it is sublime.”
-Gérard Guégan

Product Details
ISBN: 9780061779244
ISBN-10: 0061779245
Publisher: Harper Perennial
Publication Date: December 2009
Pages: 195
Language: English